Beauty Hamper Set by a fine choice

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Beauty Hamper Set by a fine choice

A fine choice Beauty Hamper Set

Beauty Hamper Set

This is what you will receive in your fabulous beauty hamper set

  • BK Shampoo & body wash yellow
  • Conditioner The Natural Spa
  • Soap The Natural Spa
  • Face mask
  • BK Exfoliator
  • Bath kube
  • Lavinia Wash Cloth
  • Niyok Deocreme
  • Nail Brush


About afine choice

Dani, the founder of a fine choice had always strived to find healthy, natural products for the whole family and did so in 2010 when her youngest child had just turned one, and she was researching for BPA free water bottles.

During this research Dani came across the Green Bottle brand. They were looking for a UK distributor for their stainless steel water bottles. Dani was looking for an Eco Business to start. It was a perfect opportunity.

In the last few years Dani has thought a lot about what Eco Friendly means to her, because it is, of course, such a wide reaching term. Initially in 2010 she focused on products which were BPA free only. Later on, Dani learned about other toxins and waste management, and nearly a decade later she found herself focussing more on more on a Zero Waste lifestyle. It really is about avoiding waste in the first place and making conscious choices when buying. All products are now mainly plastic free, sustainable, plant based, zero waste, biodegradable if possible, vegan and support a zero waste lifestyle.

These are the values Dani holdsa when choosing new products and against which she measures companies, when deciding what to stock and who to work with.