BombusLeaf Lavender Flowers Soap Scrub

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Sold in units of 10


BombusLeaf Lavender Flowers Soap Scrub

An exfoliating and nourishing hand and body soap scrub infused with lavender essential oils and flowers. Can be used as a regular hand soap or as an all over body scrub

BombusLeaf Hand and Body Soap Scrubs are handcrafted solid bars of soap / body scrub suitable for the hands and body. Each bar is 100% plant based, contains fairly traded natural and organic butters, and essential oils, infused with additional botanical ingredients to lift dry and dead skin cells leaving the skin clean and feeling wonderfully soft and silky smooth.

Lavender Flowers Soap Scrub

The Soap scrubs are organic and natural. Low waste with no plastic

  • 100% Natural
  • Organically Grown Ingredients
  • Fairly traded ingredients
  • Handmade in small batches in the UK
  • Plant based
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable
  • Palm oil free


All our pacakaging uses recycled paper and plant based ink. In other words, compostable.

About BombusLeaf:

Bombus : The Latin name given to bumblebees also known as humblebees. This represents the many wonderful creatures we share this planet with.

Leaf : The turning of a new leaf and the return to sustainability.

Consciously loving nature forms part of my earliest memories and I have been conscious of the effects we are all having on our planet from a very young age. All BombusLeaf products are sustainabl, therfore an eco friendly alternatives to everyday products.

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