Hydrophil ceramic toothbrush holder

The ceramic toothbrush holder is the perfect addition to the Hydrophil toothbrush family. Besides, the best place to keep your eco friendly toothbrush.

Hydrophil ceramic toothbrush holder in blue

  • toothbrush holder for our bamboo toothbrushes by Hydrophil
  • colour: blue
  • 100% ceramic, therefore plastic free
  • vegan
  • no BPA
  • eco friendly
  • other colours available
  • sustainable
  • made in the Ruperti workshop in Germany by people with a physical or mental disability
  • plastic free packaging
  • durable
  • a fine choice

Product packaging

Probably, how the products work in your shop is one of the most important things. Maybe, a euro perforation for hanging purposes or appealing and functional displays. Nevertheless, Hydrophil’s products will always draw attention. Thanks to the Kraft cardboard design, they stand out particularly well from other products. Additionally, the outer packaging of the cases is easily transformed into a display unit.

Hydrophil’s commitment to fair pay

“Above all, all work deserves fair pay. Consequently, we are thoroughly convinced about this. In order to ensure this, we keep a very close eye on the value-added chain.”

Hydrophil’s commitment to water neutral products

Most importantly, Hydrophil conserves water when making their products. Similarly, the natural raw materials and ingredients used
by them grow without almost any artificial irrigation. In addition they do not pollute drinking or ground water.


Products which go nicely with the Hydrophil ceramic toothbrush holder

  • red bamboo toothbrush, medium bristles
  • bamboo toothbrush green, medium bristles
  • blue bamboo toothbrush with soft or medium bristles
  • bamboo toothbrush, natural
  • kids bamboo toothbrush in red
  • blue kids bamboo toothbrush


Hydrophil bamboo toothbrush with a neutral carbon footprint

First of all, he Hydrophil bamboo toothbrushes have a neutral carbon footprint. In fact, Hydrophil aims to be the pioneer in producing carbon neutral household products.

Therefore, they offset the CO2 emission from the production process. As a result, they support a drinking project in Odisha. Also, to read about the supported project, please follow this link Climate Partner.


Additional information

Weight0.05000000 kg
Dimensions20.0 × 2.5 × 1.5 cm

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