Croll & Denecke Bamboo Comb

This bamboo comb is fully sustainable made from natural material. The bamboo is grown on plantations and is the fastest growing tree.

Shiny hair, whether long or short, blond, black or red, stands for health and vitality. To keep hair beautiful, it needs the right care. And that includes the right hairbrush or the right comb.The best way to gently comb your hair is by using hairbrushes and combs made of natural materials. Natural or wooden bristles are gentle to the hair structure and avoid damage. Ergonomically designed handles of natural wood.

  • Only natural materials
  • Bamboo wood

You cannot apply true beauty with a brush, but you can underline your natural beauty in that way. High-quality cosmetic sponges, powder puffs and applicators ensure correct creation of your favourite look.