Dishwasher Classic Tablets by EcoZone (25)

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Dishwasher Classic Tablets by EcoZone (25)

Ecozone’s Classic Dishwasher Tablets 25 provide sparkling results with every load. The advanced formula breaks down even the toughest dried and baked-on foods on glassware, pots and pans. Chemical and residue free, the non-toxic tablets are safe for you, the environment and for septic tanks!

The tablets are great for short and long cycles. The wrapping is soluble and doesn’t need to be unwrapped. Simply place directly onto the floor of the dishwasher.


Dishwasher Classic Tablets

Cuts through baked-on foods with ease. Leaves glasses & dishes shining.
Tough on grease & grime.

  • 25 tablets
  • Natural
  • Plant based
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Palm oil free


Our Packaging:

Recycleable cardboard packaging. Soluble Corn Starch Wrapper.

About us:

Ecozone is a family-owned business. Created by a family for families.

20 years ago, we set out to create cleaning products that work, with no nasty hidden ingredients and no compromises while working to ensure everyone could have access to them.

For us, we went back to basics which meant we needed to create products with plant-based and natural ingredients. Plants are the inspiration behind all of our formulas. It’s our belief that no-one should have to think too hard about how to lead a sustainable life, we feel it should just be. To help make it second nature, we went back to nature.