Eco washing detergent

Finally, an eco washing detergent with a 100% aluminium packaging, therefore completely plastic free. We love the products of Clothes Doctor who encourages everyone to prolong the lives of their clothes. Their eco detergents will help you with that step. Above all, it gently cleans, refreshes and revives your everyday garments over and over again. Perfect for a zero waste lifestyle. Besides, their labels are compostable too.

Eco washing detergent No 2 Eco Wash Signature (500g)

No. 2 Signature Eco Wash is a lovely mineral-based detergent. It is a non-biological formula which is gentle, effective at stain removal, and free from toxins and harsh chemicals. It is perfect for use at low temperatures and has a blissfully refreshing fragrance.

Even better, it is packaged in 100% aluminium, with a compostable label, so you can save the planet while you save your clothes.

No. 2 gently cleans, refreshes and revives your everyday garments time and time again.

  • washing detergent (powder)
  • No 2 Eco Wash Signature
  • 500 g
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Plastic free
  • Plant derived
  • mineral based
  • 100% aluminium bottle, therefore recyclable
  • Compostable label
  • UK made by Clothes Doctor


How to use the eco washing detergent

Machine wash: pour 3-4 caps of wash into your machine drawer and place on a regular low temperature water cycle. Furthermore, for hard water or heavy soiling use double quantities. Besides, it is ideal for low-temperature washing, saving on water and energy during the washing cycle too.

Most importantly, do not consume and also rinse eyes if splashed.


Ingredients No 2 Eco Wash Signature

Blend of natural detergents and plant-derived surfactants (cleaners).

15 – < 30% oxygen-based bleaching agents, 5 – < 15% soap, < 5% anionic surfactants, non-iconic surfactants, plant-based fragrances.


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