FiiLit natural perfume Waka (Madagaskar)


FiiLiT natural perfume

FiiLiT is an authentic and ethical brand from France. They have created a range of natural perfumes which are as natural as a perfume can be. You won’t find any nasty chemicals in them. In fact, each of FiiLiT’s fragrance is a travel log portraying a country. It thus reminds us of our memories, sharing an emotion or a discovery. Above all, all of FiiLiT’s fragrances are created by thinking of the future generations as well as our present environment.

We, the a fine choice distribution team, have decided to distribute Fiilit’s travel sized perfumes. We love the fact they are natural and also light and therefore easy for traveling. You can also get refills reusing the outer wooden case over and over again. 

Also, FiiiT’s production contributes to the countries’ economic development and the conservation of traditional crafts. FiiLiT uses paper and colours in accordance with ethics for all their packaging, which ensure sustainable forest management. 

FiiLiT natural perfume Waka (Madagaskar)

“At the crossroads of the Indian Ocean, cultures intertwine. The brightness of Blue Ginger exalts the spiciness of medicinal Ravintsara as synergetic fragrances celebrating the ochre lands of pink-hued tropical flora.

Waka symbolizes a blend of civilizations: travelling in Sranan, a traditional dugout canoe in Maori, it is also a musical genre in Nigeria, a place in Gabon, a shout in Cameroon.”

  • 11ml eau de parfum
  • Type: Waka – Madagaskar
  • in wooden case – wood comes from France, Spain an Belgium and is PEFC certified (which gurantees the sustainable management of forest)
  • perfume is made in France
  • for men and women
  • uses only fair trade ingredients
  • phthlate free perfume
  • organic alcohol
  • without silicones, polymers and petrochemicals
  • without synthetic dyes
  • not tested on animals and also without animal ingredients, therefore vegan
  • slow cosmetique
  • refills also available

FiiLiT natural perfume Waka ingredients

The brand FiiLiT uses between 87% to 100% natural raw materials without phtalates, parabens and petrochemical derivatives.

The brand is not certicated “organic”: indeed consumers judge often organic perfumes disappointing for the lack staying. However, to assure this quality of long staying on the skin, we preserve a fraction of raw materials of synthetics origin from 5 to 13 %. Similarly, the raw materials of synthetic origin which we use are present molecules in the nature. Therefore, we use molecules clean for environment and for body.

Besides, they use some ORGANIC alcohol resulting from wheat as well as from also biological essential oil.

Top notes : Ravintsara                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Heart notes : Geranium, Palmarosa
Base notes : Marigold, Chypre accord

In other words, the essential oil of Ravinstara is a tonic, a stimulant, energising and antiviral.

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