No more black glass straws available but there’s an equal option for you. If you like drinking smoothies you might light this one: glass straw for smoothies in grey

  • glass straw
  • ideal for smoothies
  • colour: Grey
  • very strong glass (Borosilicate glass)
  • length 20cm / 8”
  • width 12mm
  • colour: grey (also available: purple, pink, white, jade green, blue, amber (yellow), clear, green, aquamarine)
  • reusable
  • eco friendly
  • toxinfree
  • BPA free
  • substitutes plastic straws
  • sturdy
  • lifetime guarantee against breakage
  • handmade in the US
  • vegan
  • dishwasher safe
  • helps the environment
  • fits in all our carrying cases
  • brush available

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