A newly added colour for our glass straws! WHITE. Our glass straws are ideal for a zero waste lifestyle. You can take your straw with you when going out or enjoy your drink in style at home. You won’t need any disposable plastic straws any more. Our glass straws are very light but sturdy at the same time. Glass straw for smoothies white by Strawesome

  • glass straw
  • colour: white
  • length 20cm / 8″ / outer Diameter: 12mm
  • drinking straw ideal for smoothies
  • very strong glass (Borosilicate)
  • toxin free
  • no BPA
  • US handmade product
  • zero waste lifestyle
  • better for your teeth
  • substitutes disposable straws
  • eco
  • vegan
  • dishwasher safe
  • zero waste living
  • lifetime guarantee by Strawesome against breakage
  • our glass straws are available in lots of different colours, length and width
  • a fine choice
  • cleaning brush available
  • carrying cases available
  • going green

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