Jungle Culture Coconut Bowl – Geometric with Wooden Spoon

RRP £12.49

Sold individually


Jungle Culture Coconut Bowl – Geometric with Wooden Spoon

Our classic coconut bowl by Jungle Culture is ethically sourced in Bến Tre, Vietnam. Each eco-friendly coconut bowl are perfect for smoothie bowls, ramen, salad, breakfast, poke, porridge and more!
The coconut bowl are all vegan friendly and no chemicals or pesticides are used in their production. Choose between our simple and stylish original coconut bowls or our creative hand etched range of patterned coconut husk bowls!

Coconut Bowl – Geometric

Jungle Culture work directly with small, family-run farms and craft workshops to create unique environmentally friendly products. In other words, they have a low-impact on our planet and your pocket! By working directly with farmers and local craftsmen we have made our supply chain 100% transparent. For instance, we eliminated middle-men so that the products you love are cheaper and more ethical!

  • Environmental
  • Sustainable
  • Lightweight
  • Non-toxic and durable
  • Vegan
  • Zero waste


About Jungle culture:

Jungle Culture is all about human culture therfore the farmers and artisans we work with in rural Vietnam, to the restaurants, independent brands, shops and customers we serve. In conclusion, we put as much care into forging a unity with our loyal tribe of partners as we do creating our zero waste and sustainable products.


Our Message:

Jungle Culture’s main aim is to solve the problem of waste on our beautiful planet and our prices reflect that. In conclusion, we aren’t driven by profit, but by the desire to make low-impact products accessible to all who choose to buy them.

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