Naiked Solid Rinsing Soap

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Naiked Solid Rinsing Soap

Foamy future.
NAIKED rinsing soap cleans powerfully and naturally and has a fresh lemon fragrance. No more plastic and no more dirty dishes.

Solid Rinsing Soap

The NAIKED Dish Soap has a fresh citrus fragrance and high-performance formula that provides powerful cleaning action in a natural way.

  • Powerful against dirt
  • Fragrance obtained from pure essential oils
  • High-performance, natural formula
  • Easy to use
  • Fresh scent
  • Sustainable
  • Eco friendly
  • Made in Germay


How to use:

Wet a cleaning sponge or loofah. Rub the soap onto the wet sponge or loofah to create a lather.

Use to clean dishes then rinse with warm water.


The Principle:

Our principle is as simple as it is ingenious: NAIKED does not fly heavy plastic bottles
loaded with chemicals around the world, just to trash them straight after use. Instead, the
company presses the at the same time powerful and exclusively natural ingredients into a
small tablet. The tab only needs to be dissolved in half a liter of water. For example in a
NAIKED design spray bottle made from fully recycled PET. To transform into a fully-fledged
cleaning agent that can easily hold up with other products in terms of effectiveness.
Your customers do not only save themselves a lot of fuss with the smartly packaged
tablets, but above all can be sure to be helping the environment: We have earned the
Ecocert label, which is known for its particularly strict environmental requirements. The
fact that animal ingredients are a no-go is a law at NAIKED anyway, but we also pay close
attention to our footprint when it comes to using plant-based ingredients: Even the
colorants and fragrances stem from natural and renewable resources. At NAIKED, “A” still
stands for Apple.
And, as mentioned, the tabs are affordable as well: for less than two euros per pill, even
downright cleaning devils can easily get by for a few months. Because sustainability
should not be a question of price

About Naiked

We promise environmentally friendly action and development:

Only products that, in our opinion, are currently the most sustainable alternative. Fair conditions along the entire value chain. No plastic,especially not microplastic! As a sensible exception, we use recycled PET for the spray bottle.
The maximum possible use of natural raw materials.
As little packaging as possible, as much as necessary and, if possible, made of paper and easily degradable.


Additional information

Weight0.05000000 kg
Dimensions20.0 × 2.5 × 1.5 cm

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