No 20 Beechwood Comb

RRP 6.50

Sold in singles initially


No 20 Beechwood Comb

Give your favourite cashmere or wool garments a refresh by using a natural clothes comb. Here: Beechwood cashmere comb.

Beechwood Cashmere Comb

No.20, a hand-made comb from carefully selected Beechwood. Beechwood that is unstained, untreated and also uncoloured. Furthermore, it provides a unique and authentic appearance. Cleaning this functional non-snagging tooth design is very easy. Also it includes a traditional 3D engraving with no artificial dyes or chemicals.

  • No 20 Cashmere Comb
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Plastic free
  • Plant derived
  • Natural materials: Beechwood and frosted mesh
  • Great to use
  • Multi-functional
  • Naturally eco-friendly
  • Nice and creative
  • Price competitive
  • Made by Clothes Doctor


How to use the Beechwood Cashmere Comb

Use every month to keep your knitwear looking like new as part of your wardrobe maintenance routine. Whilst the comb will last, we recommend the comb is replaced every now and then to provide a fresh edge. Old combs can be returned or recycled!




About Clothes Doctor

Finally, an eco washing detergent with a 100% aluminium packaging, therefore completely plastic free. We love the products of Clothes Doctor who encourages everyone to prolong the lives of their clothes. Ultimately, their eco detergents will help you with that step. Above all, it gently cleans, refreshes and revives your everyday garments over and over again. Perfect for a zero waste lifestyle. Besides, their labels are compostable too. Please note, this listing is for the accompanying comb to refresh your clothing. However, please see below for the complete Clothes Doctor product range.

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