Heavenly Organics Organic Muslin Cloth

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Sold in packs 10s


Organic Muslin Cloth

This Organic Muslin Cloth is the perfect partner for our clay based facial cleansers.

By using the hot cloth cleansing method, this cloth gently helps wash off the cleanser whilst gently exfoliating the skin too!


Organic Muslin Cloth

This organic muslin cleansing cloth made with unbleached organic cotton is the perfect partner for our clay based facial cleansers.

  • Organic Cotton
  • Unbleached
  • Expoliator
  • Zero waste

A little goes a long way, deeply moisturising yet light on the skin too.

These skincare products only contain organic ingredients and therefore as natural as they come.



With gentle water slowly rub your face or any cleanser off your face.

About Heavenly Organics

First of all, Heavenly Organics is an organic and vegan skincare brand. Furthermore, all of their handmade skin care products are organic, vegan and natural. Also, they are proudly made in the UK. To read more about their story follow this link here. Also, to read more about what “organic” means for Heavenly Organics please click here.

Ethics are at the core of what we do. It’s not only using organic, natural and vegan products that is imperative to us but there’s the bigger picture to consider too. Now so more than ever. With the plastic free and zero waste revolution firmly underway, we’re proud to have been pioneering the way from the start. Not only do we use glass and aluminium containers, we also offer refills in compostable bags. Furthermore, how your products are packaged when they arrive on your doorstep matters to us. That is why we use recycled cardboard boxes, recycled card wrapping & paper tape. We even pad out our boxes with reused newspaper. Our trade orders are even despatched in cardboard boxes saved for us by our local shop.