This is why this designer glass straw for smoothies was designed: You think, you’ve had it and things are just not working out for you. You might think that it is time to make some changes in your life. Allow this purple straw decorated with a solid aqua center dot and surrounded by flowering solid white and yellow dots ro remind you to unleash those emerging desiges within you.

  • glass straw
  • ideal for smoothies
  • colour: purple with one big aquamarine and surrounding yellow and white small dots
  • width 12mm
  • lifetime guaranteed by the producer Strawesome
  • vegan
  • suitable for cold and hot drinks
  • toxin free, no BPA
  • appealing design
  • eco friendly
  • plastic free
  • dishwasher safe
  • handmade in the US
  • ideal as a gift
  • other designs available
  • fits in the carrying cases
  • cleaning brush available
  • zero waste lifestyle
  • packaging: cardboard
  • a fine choice
  • glass straw wholesale: for wholesale prices please register as a wholesaler with us

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