Reusable glass drinking straw for Smoothies “Diva” by Strawesome


This is why this designer glass straw for smoothies was designed: Are you a leader or a game changer? Are you maybe sometimes labeled as a Diva? You demand that plastic straws never be in your presence again? Then this glass straw is the right straw for you. This pink sapphire straw is decorated with a delicate glittery swirl accented with small solid green and eggplant purple dots. A true piece of art and only fit for a glass straw diva 🙂

  • glass straw
  • ideal for smoothies
  • colour: pink with a glittery swirl and purple and green dots
  • width 12mm
  • lifetime guaranteed by the producer Strawesome
  • vegan
  • suitable for cold and hot drinks
  • BPA free
  • toxin free
  • chemical free
  • appealing design
  • eco friendly
  • plastic free
  • dishwasher safe
  • handmade in the US
  • ideal as a gift
  • other designs available
  • fits in the carrying cases
  • cleaning brush available
  • zero waste lifestyle
  • packaging: cardboard
  • a fine choice
  • glass straw wholesale: for wholesale prices please register as a wholesaler with us

Additional information

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