Starter Pack of Top Selling Products

We have carefully selected the following 10 products that we feel are our current top sellers. In other words, a great starter pack for products that will fly off your shelves. Therefore a good introduction to the products we sell and in many different categories from hair grooming to body cleansing and finally dental hygeine.

12 x Hydrophil adult toothbrushes

10 x Hydrophil cotton buds

10 x Hydrophil soap pouches

2 x Beauty Kube shampoo

2 x Beauty Kube conditioner

3 x Lavinia single scrubber jute cloth

3 x Lavinia single jute cotton cloth

6 x Heavenly Organics body butter

5 x Ku.tis natural deodorants

3 x Patch plasters

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Additional information on Starter Pack of Top Selling Products:

Beauty Kubes. We wanted to offer a high performing alternative to shampoo bars. As a result, we hope you will agree that we have achieved that with our award-winning range.

Heavenly Organics: There’s always more we can do and we’re continually striving to improve and tread more gently on this beautiful planet.

Hyrdrophil : Our sustainable toothbrushes are made from renewable raw materials. It not only helps you to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, but also reduces your plastic waste.


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