The Natural Spa Exfoliating Face Wash Mini

set of 10

RRP £1.50


The Natural Spa Exfoliating Face Wash Mini

A mini mixture of the following face washes:

– Charcoal Face Wash
– Cocoa Butter Face Wash
– Grapefruit lemongrass Face Wash
– Exfoliating Face Wash

These all-natural face wash bars are an excellent way to refresh the skin. Enriched with Cocoa butter, Apricot oil and many other skin-loving oils, these bars designed specifically for the face are a must for your plastic-free skincare routine.

To use: Wet skin and create a lather directly on your skin. Allow the natural clays and oils to soak into your skin for up to 1 minute. Rinse and pat dry.


Natural Spa values

Nourishing – We  think there is not much worse than washing your face or skin and feeling that dry and tight feeling caused by some products. It was important to us to pack these bars full of oils that are not only ideal for facial skin, the oils will be quickly absorbed into the skin.

Every new product or range that we bring into our product family has to follow all of our values

  • Produced Sustainably
  • Can be package Plastic Free and as minimally as possible
  • A little as possible waste produced in the manufacturing process
  • All ingredients are cruelty-free
  • Does not require any animal products ( Vegan friendly )


About “the natural spa”

Zoe, the owner & founder of “the natural spa” set up her business in 2016 in her parents’ garden shed. Here, she started experimenting and finally creating natural hair, skin and hair care products. Furthermore, Zoe is personally very much into low waste living. Hence, she now combines both her passion for nature and all things natural with her interest in low waste living.