Lavinia Toockies Starter Pack

A Zero Waste Starter Pack for new trade customers

Lots of our new customers understandable would like to try out our products and see how they sell before committing to bigger amounts and packaging sizes. Therefore to make it easier to try out our eco & zero waste products we have created a zero waste starter pack for Toockies by Lavinia. So if you are a new customer please feel free to order this starter pack where we mix and match colours and types.

  • Lavinia Toockies scrubbers double pack (1 organic cotton and 1 jute) x 5
  • Cotton single scrubber x 5
  • Jute single scrubber x 5
  • circulation glove Toockies x 6
  • Soap bag Toockies x 6
  • peeling cloth Toockies x 6

About Toockies:

Lavinia, who is behind the Toockies project says the following. “All Toockies products are Fairtrade certified. When we purchase the cotton yarn from the mill in India, we receive a certificate with a Control Union stamp, the cotton is GOTS certified. Fairtrade. The women who participate in this project is taught how to knit at a local community centre, where a bathroom has been built just for them. The knitters take home a little roll of yarn, and once a week they drop off finished products, where a quality check is facilitated. There is a doctor present who are giving the knitters and their children a free check up.
Handmade in India by women in a fairtrade project, managed by a local NGO called “Promise Charitable Trust”


Please read more about the Toockies project in our series of getting to know our suppliers. Phenia has written a very interesting guest blog article for us which you can find here.


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