Wild & Stone Bamboo Toothbrush Stand for Kids

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Sold in units of 5


Wild & Stone Bamboo Toothbrush Stand for Kids

Wild & Stone’s bamboo toothbrush holders are the best way to keep your toothbrush clean, help it dry quicker, and reduce your bathroom clutter. These toothbrush stands, featuring an elegant bamboo leaf design, are the perfect way to store your toothbrush.
The ring design holds the toothbrush upright, so it can air dry and drain more effectively than a typical cup; and therfore complements any eco bathroom and helps to reduce the confusion of whose toothbrush is whose.
Featuring a small ventilation hole in the base, they help to make sure your toothbrush is well ventilated between uses.
As bamboo is a natural organic product and therefore entirely biodegradable. Above all, once your toothbrush stand has reached the end of its life, you can simply place it in the compost, and it will biodegrade..

Bamboo toothbrush stand for kids

Our Bamboo toothbrush is Sustainably Made & Panda Friendly.
Our eco toothbrush stands are consciously made from sustainably Harvested FSC Certified MOSO Bamboo. MOSO bamboo is not eaten by Pandas, in other words, harvesting it does not endanger the animal.

  • Dimensions: 4cm height x 3.8cm outer circumference x 1.5cm inner circumference
  • FSC Certified Moso Bamboo
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable
  • Recyclable Kraft Packaging
  • Eco friendly


Care Instructions:

Do not allow product to sit in water. in addition, ensure drainage hole in the base is kept clean and clear


What makes Wild & Stone Different?

Wild and Stone’s vision is to make ​the best products, that create a healthier planet for us to pass on to future planets. We do this by creating easy to adopt, usable and stylish alternatives to single use plastic. All our products are kind to the planet, care about the people in their supply chains and have purpose.

Our products have been sourced and created in a conscious way, creating minimal social and environmental impact on their journey from raw materials to the consumer. They’re bespoke and have been adapted over time based on testing and customer feedback.

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