Zero Waste Bathroom Starter Pack

A great zero waste starter pack to have all your bathroom products in one go. We have selected the bathroom products we feel your customers will use on a daily basis in the bathroom or when travelling for holidays or business trips.

As a result, we have the luxurious Beauty kube shampoo and conditioner that contains no preservatives at all. The all natural vegan or non vegan organic and fair deodorants. Now Lavinia. Well that is a story. First of all, you are not only supporting a small towns outside Calcutta where an unimaginable door of opportunity has arisen for their knitters, you are also receiving the finest GOT certified organic cotton. To the Heavenly Organic soothing body butter that contain the miracle shea butter from the karite shea tree. Packed full of vitamins E and A which ward off free radicals that can cause damage to your skin. Now to our water neutral company Hydrophil and their soaps and dental hygiene. From brushes to interdentals. All in all, the perfect set for the bathroom department.

4 x Beauty Kube shampoo

4 x Beauty Kube conditioner

2 x Beauty Kube travel shampoo

2 x Beauty Kube travel conditioner

5 x Ku.tis natural deodorant

6 x Heavenly Organics body butter

3 x Lavinia peeling cloth

10 x Hydrophil soap pouch

12 x Hydrophil medium toothbrushes in blue

10 x Hydrophil interdental brushes

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