Zero Waste Starter Pack for trade customers

Zero waste starter kit for trade customers including bamboo toothbrushes by Hydrophil, cotton buds by Hydrophil, solid shampoo by Lamazuna, biodegradable plasters by Patch, solid deodorant by Lamazuna and our popular soap pouches by Hydrophil.


Zero Waste Starter Pack for new trade customers

Lots of our new customers understandable would like to try out our products and see how they sell before committing to bigger amounts and packaging sizes. To make it easier to try out our eco & zero waste products we have created a zero waste starter pack for Hydrophil, Lamazuna and Patch. Hydrophil, our water neutral company that creates innovative and sustainable hygiene products. Products that should serve to broaden the view for topics such as sustainability and scarcity of resources. We want to achieve beautiful things with beautiful things. Our common vision: the production of a sustainable full range for the bathroom – water-neutral, vegan & fair.. Lamazuna, zero waste through eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade products that also look great in your bathroom! Patch bamboo plasters. This is a natural wound care product and is crafted with 100% organic bamboo fibre. It has natural goodness of activated charcoal, aloe vera and coconut oil. 

So if you are a new customer please feel free to order this starter pack where we mix and match colours and styles.

You will receive:

10 boxes of 100 cotton swabs by Hydrophil

12 toothbrushes by Hydrophil

12 toothbrushes for kids by Hydrophil

10 Hydrophil Soap pouches

6 Lamazuna shampoos

2 Lamazuna deodorants

3 tubes of 25 biodegradable plasters by Patch, natural

Zero Waste Starter Pack for new trade customers

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